• Docker Compose slow on Docker for Mac and public wifi

    On a recent visit to a Caffé Nero coffee shop, docker-compose commands were running extremely slowly. After an hour or so of restarting Docker, my Mac, and switching back an forth between Docker for Mac and Docker Machine, I just gave up and headed home, pinning the issue on the then-still-beta Docker for Mac.

  • Failing aws cli on Docker container with old date time

    Today I hit an issue which completely stumped me (for a while). Running an aws s3 cp from a Docker container — that had never failed before in the same scenario — was failing every time with ‘A client error (403) occurred when calling the HeadObject operation: Forbidden’. When run from my Mac directly with the same AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY it worked. WTF!

  • Monitoring energy use with Google Sheets, Forms and Apps Script

    I recently set up a nifty little Google Apps Script app using Sheets and Forms to track our electricity and gas consumption, and our solar generation. As Steve Howard - chief sustainability officer at IKEA - said in his TED talk Let’s go all-in on selling sustainability, “If you’re not measuring things, you don’t care, and you don’t know.” I want to know exactly how much energy we are using so that I can make efficiency adjustments over time, and know exactly how each one performs. How are you supposed to know why your bills are so high, or how to reduce them if you need to, when you don’t know what you’re actually using?

  • JavaOne 2013 - Decompose that WAR! Architecting for Adaptability, Scalability and Deployability

    Last night I watched the JavaOne 2013 session Decompose that WAR! Architecting for Adaptability, Scalability and Deployability. The presenter was Chris Richardson, the author of POJOs in Action, and in the talk he discusses how very large applications bundled into a single war, what he calls monolithic applications, can give you more headaches than the benefits they provide.

  • Running Liquibase against and existing database using LiquibaseServletListener

    I recently took on the task of integrating Liquibase into the project I’m working on at work. I’d played around with Liquibase before on small personal projects, but had never faced applying it to an existing, large and in-production database.

  • Power searching in JIRA

    I was promoted to Java Team Lead earlier this year, a role that comes with the responsibility of doing performance reviews biannually. In my first four months in the position I haven’t really worked closely with my team at all; they’re on completely different projects, and they are all just as busy as I am.

  • Staying Focused on Performance with Evernote and IFTTT

    I’ve always been one of those people who has all the best intentions at the start of a school, university or work year, to get organised, streamlined, and productive. I usually feel optimistic and determined… It’s a clean slate, a fresh new page of a brand new notebook.

  • Tracking solar kWh with Google Spreadsheets & IFTTT

    About a month ago we had solar panels installed. Sixteen panels in total, thirteen split over two sections of the roof and five on the garage, totalling a 4kW system. I hadn’t considered solar when we bought the house, but fortunately we have south-east and south-west facing sides of the house, and after a little research, solar turned out to be the best investment with the money available to invest.

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